Parts Washers, Pressure Washers, Wastewater Treatment by Clean Products 

Clean Products manufactures Oilfield submersible pump Thermal Arc and Monel Systems, Parts Washers, High Pressure Parts Washers, Rapid Technology Parts Cleaners, and Evaporators that provide unique approaches to cleaning in Workholding fixtures, Workcells, lean manufacturing, repair and rebuilding of oilfield submersible pumps, ESP, Sub pumps, artificial lift pumps, automatic transmissions, engines, automotive parts and maintenance shop parts. 

Clean Products Inc. Parts Washers, Pressure Washers and Evaporators

Thermal Arc Spray


Thermal Arc Spray

Automatic Wheel Blast Clean and Thermal Arc and Monel Spray Systems to remove existing coating, prepare the surface, and re-coat with stainless steel or Monel.

Monel spray cabinets and ESP pump work conveyors, Aluminum Oxide Pass thru Airblast Systems prior coating.

Oilfield Submersible Pump Service Center equipment.

High Pressure Spray

High Pressure Washers

High Pressure cleans better!
High Pressure Cleans Better!

High Pressure Transmission and Engine Wash Cabinets 

 Self-contained, place anywhere, pressure wash cleaner cabinets and booths use high pressure pumps and recycle the wash solution for economical cleaning. 

Combination automatic jet spray and high pressure touch-up cleans thoroughly.

Rapid Technology

Rapid Technology Cleaners

Removal of difficult 3D Modeling support material and unsintered material.

Pass-thru High Pressure Parts Washers 



Conveyorized High Pressure Pass-thru




Pass-thru Jet SprayWashers

       High Production, High Pressure and Jet Spray Pass-thru Washers 

 Conveyorized high pressure washer moves work to and from operator.  Pass-thru jet spray washer for small parts and electric submersible pump parts. 


HP-4432-PT high pressure pass-thru

HP-3632-V high pressure


PT-1414-6' Pass-thru

PT-2620-12' Pass-thru

PT-7240 Rinse & Blow-off


Pass-thru Washers
Automatic Parts Washers 

Parts Washers

Transmission, rebuilder, automotive parts, and maintenance degreasing equipment 

 Affordable aqueous parts washers are used to remove dirt, oil and grease from metal parts for the purpose of repair, rebuild, maintenance and production work of oilfield ESP pumps. 

WorkCell washers 


Workcell Washers

Lean Manufacturing - Workcell Washers 

 "Combine Cleaning with Machining" Remove chips and coolants from machined parts.  Eliminate passing oily parts to the next operation.  Inspect clean parts easier. 
Used in just in time processing, and PC and Mud Pump coatings. 


.Evaporator - EV-150 

Pressure Washers and Recycler 










Waste Water Evaporation  

 A simple, environmentally safe and cost effective method of waste water reduction


Wash Bay Recycler  

Reuse pressure washer wash water in wash rooms instead of one use.     Recycler tank to a complete washer system with high pressure pump, pit return pump and filter, reservoir heater, and oil skimmers are available. 

Small Parts Tumbler - Tilt Basket 

Tilt Basket

Small Parts Tumbler Washer 

 Parts are slowly tumbled in the jet spray.  The spray hits the work directly to remove chips and coolants.  The work basket is easily tilted to unload your work.

Slurry Washer 


PowerScrub Slurry Washers  

 A patented process uses water and media to be more aggressive than water washers without producing a  
"blast cleaned" surface.

Parts Washer - HD-7234  

Heavy Duty Parts Washers

Heavy Duty Parts Washers 

 Equipment ideal for heavy loads, oilfield valves and pumps, pump rotors, with greater spray pressures, plus a wide variety of water filters and rinse systems for demanding production requirements.




Wastewater Treatment

Make your wastewater sewer-able or reusable.  Recover and reuse your remaining chemical.  Systems from 5 to 5,000 gpm


Soap for use in parts washers Mar-Tek Industries



Industrial Cleaning Chemicals  specially formulated by Mar-Tek Industries to meet heavy duty degreasing applications in Parts Washers


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